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I'm Lianne Young, Photographer and I live close to the center of Arizona. A diverse and wonderful state as far as climate and geography goes! over 300 gorgeous sunny days a year! Drive from Mountains to desert in under 2 hours!
I was very young when I got my first camera Kodak 110. followed by a Kodak disc (I thought it was the greatest thing since grated cheese!)

My father had a Rangefinder and a Mamiya/Sekor camera that I borrowed on many occasions while in High school and college photography classes. I still have those cameras, the rangefinder is the only one not in need of repair!
I enjoy traveling, outdoors and people --big cities to quiet camping in beautiful places. I photograph people and events such as birthdays, graduations, weddings, family gatherings, personal portraits and occasional Photoshop creation!
my website is:
Im on
or contact me directly at 928-451-2392

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